Using Technology for Dog Training

The fun and excitement of the rewarding challenge of dog training involves many hours of practice and drills and importantly is a continual process with repetition being paramount. It can sometimes become tedious though. In fact, everyone at some point may feel a dip in motivation on some days.

The exciting news is that you can use technology to make your dog training fun and rewarding in a variety of ways.

Using video to track progress

If there is something of your dog’s behaviour that you are trying to change, for example, if you would like to walk with your dog without your dog to be dragging you and pulling on the lead the whole time, get someone to video you and your pup in the beginning stages of your training and then again a month or two later. You can also use videos to track your pup’s progress when learning a new skill such as ‘roll over’ or ‘fetch’.

How rewarding it will be to see the progress you have made. You can then fully appreciate how far the two of you have come. It will be a great memory to keep for many years.

Using apps to track progress

There are people and companies that develop apps that can help you keep track of habits (or anything else that requires tracking). You can use these habit trackers to keep track of certain parts of your training. For example, if you are training your dog to do certain ‘tricks’ such as fetch, roll over etc., you can list these on your tracker, and mark them when you are done each day. This way you will not leave any of the training out. This can aid and motivate you to keep to goal and habits that you wish to implement.

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