Keeping You and Your Dog Safe

Using the latest technology, there are a variety of ways you can keep you and your canine friend safe.

Keeping visible

Making sure you are visible on early morning or late evening/afternoon walks is very important and there is a wide variety of products that can do just that. There are reflective doggie vests/jackets specifically for canines of various sizes. You can also get lights that can be attached to your dog’s back, making it easy to find your dog if he wanders from you. This is especially useful if your dog happens to wander in the field and you don’t know what direction to call and look for them.

Using your computer

If you want to keep an eye on your dog during the day, use a camera monitor and connect to it through your computer. A good camera monitor will include real-time video, motion detection, infrared night-time vision and wi-fi connection.

And don’t forget, for your computer to work properly it needs to be protected by a product like – the last thing you want is for your computer to crash!

Using apps

You can also take the safety measure of using various apps to track your runs or walk with your pups. Apps such as Strava have options that can let selected people know where you are on your route/walk in case you go missing or need help. It can provide your last known whereabouts with impressive accuracy so that they can help locate you and your dog and get help fast.

There are also various products such as tracking chips that that can easily and discretely be attached to your dog’s collar or on their jersey. You then use your smartphone to locate your dog in the event of them going missing – how these work will vary depend on the technology employed. This can be used in addition to the microchip that is inserted into their neck, that vets can scan.

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