Fun iPad Games for your Dog

iPad games aren’t just for humans anymore! Even your furry friend can get in on the action with new games designed exclusively for your pup. First – an important suggestion – get a screen protector. Your pup will be pawing, nosing, and licking the screen. Let her play while you take on the more serious work of looking for the best SEO Hosting for your needs.

Game for Dogs

This is currently only on iOS, and is free for the first level only . The object of this game is for your dog to either lick the screen or tap it with his paw or nose. Each lick or tap will set off a variety of noises, which gets your dog excited and eager to play more. This game even allows you to play with your pup.


This is ideal for the dog who loves her squeaky toys. The app shows you a variety of squeaky balls or toys, and when your pup touches one with her paw, the app squeaks away. It is described as ‘the first virtual squeak toy that reacts realistically’. The app’s 18 individual toys each have their own shape and sound.

When you travel and are not able to take your pup’s toys with, this is a great app to have on hand on both your iPhone and iPad.

Game for Cats

This is currently only on iOS, and is free for the first level. While this may have been designed for cats, it is also a fun game for dogs to play. This features a fast, action-packed game. This laser level is free. The game picks a random path so your pup will always be kept guessing. If you pay for the upgrade, you will get the mouse game too, as well as the ability to control the laser and mouse with your iPhone!

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