10 May 2017

House-training your Puppy

Puppies are so cute, squishy and cuddly and… messy. When they are very young they don’t yet have much concept of holding their bladder or bowels and go when and where they need. Getting house-trained (or toilet-trained)
7 May 2017

Keeping You and Your Dog Safe

Using the latest technology, there are a variety of ways you can keep you and your canine friend safe. Keeping visible Making sure you are visible on early morning or late evening/afternoon walks is very important and
6 May 2017

House-training an Adult Rescue Dog – Part 1

Congratulations on your adoption of an adult rescue dog! Far too many adult dogs spend their later years in a shelter, unwanted and unloved, so it is always so special when someone takes one home. A benefit
5 May 2017

Using Technology for Dog Training

The fun and excitement of the rewarding challenge of dog training involves many hours of practice and drills and importantly is a continual process with repetition being paramount. It can sometimes become tedious though. In fact, everyone